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Our current special for US CITIZENS: free registration and free matching in the club.*

*Offered for a limited time only. To benefit from this great special, type discount code USDST2019 in the section “You should also know about me that...” of the following form or email it to Jess.

You are only a few steps away from becoming a club member and seeing dating profiles with photos and intro videos (intro videos if available) of other singles at US Love Wiesbaden - your personal dating service in Germany. All profiles are personally verified by matchmaker Jess prior to a first match so that you can feel confident about the truth and accuracy of the information provided.

Here is how it works - it is very straightforward to sign up and get all the member benefits.

  1. 1. fill out the form below and provide some personal information and photos to let others know who you are and who you are looking for.
  2. 2. please allow some time for matchmaker Jess to screen your information and photos before you will be granted access to the member club.
  3. 3. enjoy browsing dating profiles of other US Love Wiesbaden Club singles yourself, sending someone you like an interest symbol and be excited if the interest is returned to you.
  4. 4. if the interest symbol is returned to you, matchmaker Jess will contact you personally to finalize your match! Provided that you both expressly approve the match, you will be emailed the matching fees. As soon as payments are received, Jess will share by email your first names and phone numbers (alternatively nickname email addresses) so that you can start contacting and dating your match.

And if you have questions regarding your match prior to actually being matched, feel free to ask matchmaker Jess. Prior to a first club match, she speaks with every member during a brief and easy video verification call to confirm a person and that his/her provided photos are genuine and of course to get a first impression on someone. So YOU can rest assured that your match is just as you expect!

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Please select current and realistic profile photos. We recommend choosing photos in which you demonstrate a positive attitude and which describe you best. Please upload photos which show only you with no other people around you. Choose adequate photos for your dating profile - nudity or indecent photos are not acceptable.

A note concerning your privacy: please upload photos for your dating profile which cannot be found anywhere else on the internet, e.g. not on your Facebook profile, not on Xing or LinkedIn etc to protect your own privacy.

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