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Welcome to the online club of our friendship & dating agency!

Meet real people!

The long awaited club version of US Love Wiesbaden's friendship & dating agency is back online with new, improved features.

Find a new friend, go on a date and/or fall in love with another member or meet a new travel companion to explore the world with!

Our matchmaking services initially started out as a platform to match local German singles with American singles working in Germany for US military or US government. US Love Wiesbaden is pleased to announce to have recently opened up to a broader audience such as US citizens in the USA and other expats or individuals in Germany or abroad.

Why choose US Love Wiesbaden?

Our unique feature is our personal verification process. We personally (video) verify each member before they are admitted. This way we can eliminate the many fake profiles and romance scammers.

What are the features?

  1. Safe platform with real singles, access granted to verified members only.
  2. Mix and match as you please and exchange each other’s phone numbers if you both approve the match.
  3. Includes American-German matchmaking but not limited to it.
  4. Decide whether your profile photos in the club are visible to others or hidden.
  5. Post your concert tickets, event tickets, travel plans in our LOOKING FOR corner to find the perfect company (planned feature).
  6. Add a short introduction video clip to your profile to increase interest and visibility (planned feature).
  7. Utilize our family section to find other families interested in the international, cultural exchange (planned feature).

Sign up today, get verified within 5 mins (by appointment) and start communicating with other club members! It is fun, easy and SAFE!

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Who does not like a smiling face?

Please select current and realistic profile photos. We recommend choosing photos in which you demonstrate a positive attitude and which describe you best. Please upload photos which show only you with no other people around you. Choose adequate photos for your dating profile - nudity or indecent photos are not acceptable.

A note concerning your privacy: please upload photos for your dating profile which cannot be found anywhere else on the internet, e.g. not on your Facebook profile, not on Xing or LinkedIn etc to protect your own privacy.

(Please do not upload more than 3 photos)

You can revoke this consent any time by simply contacting us. You can read more about our data policies, or request additional information, via our privacy policy.

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